"What Amanda brings to the table is focus and a relentless drive toward completion. She is able to marshal large projects, clearly define the work to be done and the resources needed to do the work, and push individual tasks through to the end. Her ability to cut through noise and maintain focus on the job at hand has been extremely valuable to me. It has been a pleasure to work with Amanda. I would not hesitate to hire her again for similar large projects related to multimedia and project management"

-- David Larkin, Sr. Project Manager, Resources Online

"Amanda was a pleasure to work with in every respect. She is professional and pays attention to every last detail. She has a wealth of experience in video production and was able to provide valuable insight throughout the production process. She provided valuable guidance related to our video script, choice of actors, voice actors, as well as set design and cultural context.  Important for our team, she kept the project moving forward and met every designated timeline. She was easy to work with and was an effective communicator and collaborator. We are very pleased with the final video and look forward to working with Amanda on new projects.

--Curt G. Beckwith, Associate Professor of Medicine, Brown Alpert Medical School

"Using a combination of video, slides, still photos, and audio messages,  Amanda told the story of how one village was coping with the devastation of the HIV/AIDs epidemic and the crippling poverty which accompanies it. Amanda put individual faces on the epidemic, creating a powerful and moving experience for the viewer who might otherwise be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the problem.

Amanda produced the work in difficult surroundings—at that time there were no cell phones and no computer accessibility in that area of Kenya. Nevertheless, she met the timetable requested by the Board of Directors and exceeded all of our expectations for problem solving and quality."

--Susan Anstine, former Board Member and Project Coordinator, Rabuor Village Proejct, Kenya.